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A Few Words About Us

My name is Carlene and I live with my 3 almost grown up sons in South Hornchurch (age 21, 18 and 18.)

This is us in an old photo.

I absolutely love my job as I get so much joy working with children and have learnt a lot about their development over the years. 

I am inspired by the Steiner School Principles because my own children attended a Rudolf Steiner School for their early school life experience. I have since discovered Forest Schools, which incorporate the parts i loved about Steiner School education. 

I have taught violin for both Havering Music School, and Newham’s “Every Child a Musician” 

This included teaching violin, ukulele and piano to children aged 5 and upwards.

 I have also worked as a professional violinist/fiddle player, 

My children, siblings and Mum also play music. 

The children in my care will benefit from the natural encouragement of musicianship 

from an early age which comes from being part of a 

musical family.

I worked as a Registered Mental Health Nurse for 9 years 

including as a staff nurse at the Child and Adolescent Services in the The Priory, North London, and various services in NELFT. 

This experience emphasised to me how vital the early years are to the development of the person, and how important it is to encourage children to develop resilience, critical thinking, and most importantly confidence in themselves. 

I left nursing to come back to childminding and develop Forest Childminding in my local area.

My children are all well rounded individuals and developing their career through university.

I currently have places available so if you are looking for somewhere that your child can have some fun, be well cared for and nurtured in the same way i nurtured my own children please contact me. 

Why choose 

Starseed Childcare?

Carlene’s Qualifications:

•Registered with REYAL/OFSTED

• Level 3 in Childcare

• Paediatric First Aid

• Safeguarding Children/ Child Protection

• DBS Checked & Approved

• Public Liability Insurance

• SEND experienced

• BA (Hons) Psychosocial Studies

• Registered Mental Health Nurse (NMC)

• Gluten Free Specialist/Dairy free specialist

Forest Childminding at Starseed Childcare

 Amazing experiences for children to 

learn, grow and develop to their full potential.

At starseed childminding i take the children to experience the outdoors as the learning environment weekly throughout the year.

We go to  the Rainham marshes, Hornchurch country park or Bretons Farm and develop on the learning themes of the month. 

It is based on the Forest School ethos which encourages children to safely assess risk, take on new challenges and become critical thinkers.

I am a member of the Forest Childminding Club, and refer to the days out as “Earth Skool” with the children.


There are 6 principles in forest schooling which are: 

Child Initiated Play – Children decide what they would like to do and develop activities using their own interests.

Holistic Learning – Children do activities that cover multiple areas of learning and development.

Qualified Leader – It is run by a trained and qualified Level 3 Leader. There is also a high adult to child ratio.

Risky Play Children learn to assess and manage risk, helping them to grow in confidence, and become aware of their their own abilities and boundaries.

All Year Round – Regular sessions are run all through the year.

Outdoors – Sessions are run in a natural outdoor/woodland environment.

Forest Childminding encourages children to explore a natural environment freely with little adult input. 

The idea behind these programmes is to get children physically active, learning their limits, managing risk to keep themselves safe 

and thinking imaginatively to create activities using just the natural resources available.

What do children learn?

Holistic Development This is a process of learning that combines an individual’s mental, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual growth. The term can be used to describe Forest Childminding as many areas of development are covered in one single activity. Holistic learning looks at the child as a whole rather than focusing on one specific area of their development. 

The learning opportunities at Starseeds Earth Skool are endless.

Self-Esteem – Children gain self-esteem through challenging experiences with successful outcomes. The way they are supported by adults through experiences such as Forest childminding experiences help to build confidence and self-assurance when facing new challenges. Good self-esteem means children are able to cope with changes and take on new challenges without fear of failure. The key to promoting self-esteem is to not only praise a child when they have successful outcomes but to reassure them that an unsuccessful outcome is ok. It is fine to fail the first time we do something, this is how learning works and the more we learn from failures the better the outcome when we finally succeed!

Emotional Intelligence This is the ability to recognise not only your own emotions but the emotions of others. It is learning to have empathy and understanding how to react when people are happy or sad. It addresses the personal, social, and survival dimensions of intelligence. It is adapting to and coping with the immediate surroundings enabling children to be more successful in dealing with environmental demands. Forest Childminding promotes this through allowing children to face challenging experiences, working in teams in natural surroundings. Learning this at an early age is a valued part of a child’s development.

What do we do?

Our Forest Childminding sessions follow the 6 principles and promote an inclusive, equal opportunities environment for children of all abilities. We also encourage emotional development and offer support and reassurance to children throughout the sessions.

Activities include:

Den Building Using sticks and logs to build shelters for fairies/ woodland creatures, or themselves.

Cooking – We prepare and cook a range of food, children take part in cutting fruit and vegetables and helping to serve to their friends.

Mud Slides – We use hills and lots of water to create slippery mud slides which are great fun!

Bug/Bird Hunts – Children look for bugs under wooden stumps and dead wood. The Rainham Marshes have lots of resources so we can learn all about birds and try and find them in the marshes. We can then use these experiences to draw what we saw, write and make up creative stories or find information on google, or in our home library.

Games – Children invent and take part in many games such as hide-and-seek, wolf and sheep, find the tree and many more!

Themed Trails Our favourites are the Gruffalo hunt and dinosaur trails.

Tree Climbing – Children learn their limits under close supervision.

Using Tools – Children start with potato peelers and move on to little knives under close supervision as they learn how to use tools safely.

The concept of ‘Forest Schools’ originates from Scandinavia and has had such a positive impact on the well-being and development of children that it is now widely encouraged by OFSTED and other educational professionals.

Below is a good example of a fairy ‘development’ being proudly displayed in my garden.

Fairy den building

Fairy tree being proudly displayed in my garden